Professional speaking engagements at practitioner conferences and events.

“Beyond Silicon Valley or Alley: Varieties of Entrepreneurship Ecosystems”, ICE INNOVATION FESTIVAL, 11-12 January 2024, Kirkenes, Norway.
“Developing the Next Startup Triangle at the Balkans: Integrating Startup Ecosystems in the Region”, TECHSYLVANIA, 28-29 June 2022, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
“The Anatomy of Scaling: Business Models of Unicorns and Other Startups”, STARTUP FESTIVAL MALTA, 13-14 October 2022, Kalkara, Malta.
Developing a comprehensive incubation model: ITU Cekirdek, 2nd Annual Conference of the World Incubation Summit, 21-24 February 2018, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada.
Growing your start-up in the west & the east: Tips and Opportunities for San Francisco & İstanbul, PoliHUB Innovation Zone, 2018, Politecnico di Milano, Italy.
How Mobile Internet Penetration is Changing the Retail Banking Business Model: Direct Banking and More, Mobile Banking Conference, European Financial Management and Marketing Association, 13-14 November 2012, Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel & Conference Center, Paris, France.
Frontiers of Mobile Banking in Turkey: A Recap of the Most Successful Turkish Bank Initiatives in Mobile Banking, Mobile Banking Conference, European Financial Management and Marketing Association, 13-14 November 2012, Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel & Conference Center, Paris, France.
How Convergence Affects Products, Companies and Industries, World Series, Informa, 2012, Istanbul.
Mobile Virtual Network Operator Business Outlook: Barriers and Opportunities. Innovation Executive Forum, 2009, Marcus Evans, London, UK.
From MNO to MNVO: Shifting towards a network provider role in the Telecoms market. MVNO Industry Summit, 2009, Informa, Barcelona, Spain.
Understanding the Benefits of the Mobile Virtual Network Operator Proposition to the Mobile Network Operators. MVNO Growth Markets, Informa, 2009, Dubai, UAE.
Mobile Virtual Network Operator Business Outlook: Barriers and Opportunities for Potential MVNOs in Turkey. World Series, Informa, 2009, Istanbul, Turkey.
Mobile Digital Signatures for the Public: Helping to Bridge the Digital Divide and Providing Ultimate Cyber-security for Every Online Transaction, Internet Governance Forum, United Nations Meeting, 3-6 December 2008, Hyderabad, India.
Mobile Virtual Network Operator Market Outlook in Turkey. MVNO Conference, Informa, 2008, Monaco.
Success of Multipurpose Mobile Signature Services. Mobey Forum Conference, 2008, Oslo, Norway.
Marketing A SIM-Based Signature Solution to Provide Trust and Convenience for Financial Services, Mobile Banking Conference, 2008, Vienna, Austria.
How Mobile Signatures Provide Security and Trust, Mobile and NFC Payment Strategies Conference, IIR Telecoms Events, 24-27 November 2008, Budapest, Hungary.
Mobile Signature: SIM cards as Secure Signature Creation Devices, Forum of European Supervisory Authorities for Electronic Signatures, 2008, Norway.
Turkcell Mobile Signature Services enabling Mobile Banking in Turkey, Informa Mobile Financial Services Summit, 2008, Singapore.
Best Practice Case Study: Turkcell Mobile Signature, Mobile Marketing Forum, Gemalto, Marseille, 2008, France.
Mobile Signature Services in Turkey, Mobile Digital Signature Symposium, 2008, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Extending Mobile Transactions with New Business Models and Technologies, SIMposium, 22-23 April 2008, SIM Alliance, Berlin, Germany.
Development of the market for mobile signature services in Turkey, CARTES Congress, 2007, Paris, France.
Superior Customer Experiences with Mobile Signature enabled Financial Services, Forrester’s Consumer Marketing Forum, 15-16 November 2007, Barcelona, Spain.
Information Security Management, Processes, Standards and the Myth of ‘Best Practice’. European Telecommunications Resilience and Recovery Association 4th Annual Conference, European Telecommunication Standards Institute, 2006, Nice, France.